cabinet reinforcing

OutRun Restoration Part 5: Cabinet

Still buzzing from fixing up the dashboard and steering, I was keen to keep momentum so I started with the restoration of the cabinet...
outrun dashboard and steering restoration

OutRun Restoration Part 4: Dashboard & Steering

In the previous part, I restored the pedals. That turned out to be an absolute doddle compared to the dashboard and steering mechanism....
outrun pedals restoration

OutRun Restoration Part 3: Pedals

Having finished restoring the gear shifter, I moved on to the accelerator and brake assembly. It was fully working, but the pedals...
gear shifter restored

OutRun Restoration Part 2: Gear Shifter

I chose to tackle one of the smaller parts of my newly acquired OutRun US upright first - the gear shifter. This was...
new outrun, right side

OutRun Restoration Part 1: New Arrival!

Back in early April 2019, someone on the ukvac forums posted about an OutRun arcade cabinet that had come up for sale on ebay....
original arcade flyers on the wall

Garage Conversion Part 11: Game Room

Time to put some finishing touches in the game room! 🙂 It'd already had a paint job, carpet tiles were laid, fancy LED...
carpet tiles

Garage Conversion Part 10: Carpet Tiles

OK, the top half of the room was done, now for the bottom half. You'll probably notice that the game room has had...

Garage Conversion Part 9: RGBW LEDs

Finally on to some fun stuff! So the plan was to get some nice multi-coloured LED strip lighting to go around the edges...
render comes off

Garage Conversion Part 8: Damp!

So after finishing the workshop, it now had to be crammed full of my arcade cabs and everything else, so I could get the...
workshop workbench area

Garage Conversion Part 7: Workshop

With my workbench built, it was time to finish the workshop! I figured there's no point working on both rooms at the same...
workbench top

Garage Conversion Part 6: Workbench

Finally I had the stud wall up, and an official workshop! It became apparent very quickly that the next thing I needed to...
sockets in stud wall

Garage Conversion Part 5: Stud Wall

So the ceiling is finally soundproofed, there's nothing stopping me splitting the garage into two rooms now! Like with most things I end up building,...
sound proofing the ceiling

Garage Conversion Part 4: Soundproofing

So with the first electrical fix done, and the old garage door removed and replaced with nice swinger-outers, it was time to move on...
new consumer unit

Garage Conversion Part 3: Electrics

With the new garage door installed and finally some space, it was time to tackle the electrics. That meant ripping out what was...
old and new garage doors compared

Garage Conversion Part 2: New Door

Making a start on the garage conversion at last - I couldn't do much until the old crappy up-and-over door was replaced... I think this...
mancave before outside view

Garage Conversion Part 1: The Idea

Early in 2019 I finally got around to starting work on the garage to convert it into a game room and workshop (a.k.a. 'mancave')....