Garage Conversion Part 10: Carpet Tiles

OK, the top half of the room was done, now for the bottom half. You’ll probably notice that the game room has had a fresh lick of paint. I had a few tester pots, and ended up using Dulux Trade Sapphire Salute. It’s a nice deep blue colour that gives the room a fun arcadey feel.

The last big thing for the game room was to sort the floor out. The workshop floor already had some Ronseal garage paint, but for the gameroom I wanted something a bit nicer. Firstly It was uneven and required a levelling compound. I enlisted the help of Quality Solutions Kent, a local tradesman called Dan who came and did the work. I hadn’t done this before so it was nice that he explained things as he went along. Dan’s a multi-talented guy, I’m sure I’ll be using his services again at some point in the future.

Firstly a watered-down coating of PVA was applied…

watered down pva coating

The levelling compound then went on and had a few days to dry. This completely levelled the floor out, and would give the carpet tiles some extra protection from moisture…

levelling compound
close up levelling compound

Decent arcadey carpet tiles are so hard to find. In the end I found these 50cm x 50cm ones, which are nothing special, but reminded me of the kinds of carpets they had in arcades as a kid. They are called Modulyss First Lines Carpet Tiles – Navy 541. Apparently they have “Castor Chair Suitability: EN 985 A: continuous use”, which supposedly means they’ll be fine with heavy things like arcade cabs rolling across them from time to time. I guess we’ll find out. When I ordered them, I thought the lines would all match up as I had planned to lay them all the same way across the room. Unfortunately they didn’t match up at all, they were all random, so I had to lay them in a checkered pattern instead…

carpet tiles being laid

All finished. In total 40 tiles were used…exactly the amount I bought… close call!

carpet tiles finished
carpet tiles

Well that’s the floor done! I can get all the arcade cabs that I shoved in the workshop and put them back in the gameroom now, where they belong. In the next part I’ll be sprucing up the gameroom with some pictures and adding some finishing touches.

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