Garage Conversion Part 11: Game Room

Time to put some finishing touches in the game room! 🙂 It’d already had a paint job, carpet tiles were laid, fancy LED lighting installed, but it needed something else. I decided I didn’t want to have posters on the wall, I wanted something that was more interesting to look at and in with the retro 80s arcade theme. I had the idea to put up original arcade flyers from some of my favourite games. I scoured ebay and found some I really liked. The ones I chose weren’t all my favourite games, but they were iconic and the flyers looked so cool and interesting. I found some nice frames at The Range and mounted them on the stud-wall above the door to the workshop. There wouldn’t be much empty wall space for pictures once the cabs were all in place, but they look great up high…

original arcade flyers on the wall
From left to right: Q*Bert, Twin Cobra, Arkanoid, Berzerk, Buck Rogers, Kung-Fu Master

I mounted some more near the back door, along with a fire extinquisher and fire blanket (can’t be too careful with old 80’s CRTs/machinery in here)…

more arcade flyers on the wall
From left to right: Electrocoin promo flyer, Space Duel, Flying Shark

I also found a nice Sterling keybox to store all the keys for my arcade cabs…

keybox closed
keybox open

Here’s a close up of the RGBW LED wall mounted control panel. It has a lovely glass finish to it and is nice to the touch. I can select a colour using the colour wheel, or set it to one of many animations. See it in action and how it was installed here: Garage Conversion Part 9: RGBW LEDs

RGBW LED wall mounted controller

And a good friend Wim Outrun sent me this really cool Outrun license plate to put up. I don’t know where I’m going to put this yet…

sega outrun car license plate

I don’t have any finished/working cabs yet but for now I’m storing them all in the game room. I’ll work on them one at a time to get them restored and working properly, then they can be added one by one in their true place, ready to play. It looks pretty crowded in there, but these cabs are not back against the walls so there will be enough space for all of them to be played at the same time…

cabs in game room
arcade cabs in game room

I also got a blackout blind. This serves to keep the sunlight out during the day so game screens are easier to see, but also to stop people from outside looking in at all the cabs I have in here. Managed to get the colour spot on! 🙂

gameroom blackout blind

So that’s the game room pretty much finished. I’ll be putting up Sonos speakers for some nice 80s music on game nights, a blackout blind for the window, the cabs will all be restored and working, the LED lighting will be rockin’ and the beer will be flowing. Each time I add a new finished arcade cab to the game room I’ll write a post introducing it. Until then, job done!

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