Garage Conversion Part 2: New Door

Making a start on the garage conversion at last – I couldn’t do much until the old crappy up-and-over door was replaced…

old garage door from the front
old garage door from inside

I think this was made from fibreglass. It didn’t open and close properly, wasn’t very well insulated, and I’d have been building a stud wall right through the framework that took up a massive chunk of the room.

Through a friend’s recommendation, I found a local carpenter who could make us new doors to measure. He made them from Accoya so they wouldn’t warp and would last a long time. We went for a design that suited the style of the house well, with 4 glazed windows on each door. The doors opened outwards onto the driveway, and we had deadbolts at the top and bottom along with a mortice lock. It was painted with 3 coats of grey satin Ronseal 10 Year Weatherproof Wood Paint and it looks great…

new garage doors from the front
No problems opening these – although they are very heavy!

This is better! Lots of space inside now. When those beams on the side walls come off there’ll be nothing stopping me putting a stud wall in! Some nice fella even came to take away the old door so we didn’t have to cut it up and dispose of it ourselves…

new garage doors from inside

And look what arrived…. could it be a Defender and an Asteroids Cabaret??? 🙂

new arrivals

Finally, I fitted a Stormguard rubber garage seal to help prevent rain, dust, insects and cold air from getting in. I also put these on the inside…

stormguard rubber garage seal

Next up…. replacing all the electrics! See you in Part 3.

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