Garage Conversion Part 7: Workshop

With my workbench built, it was time to finish the workshop! I figured there’s no point working on both rooms at the same time. I can put all the crap I have in one room while I work on the other, and the workshop got first dibs. The first thing I did was get the stud wall and the ceiling plastered. Following that, I decided to paint the whole room white. I chose white as it looks clean, goes with everything, and we had half a big tub of white masonry paint spare. I also put up a shelf above the workbench out of the remaining offcut from the oak-effect laminate worktop that I used on the workbench. It was the perfect length as it had been cut to size already, and the depth was good too, about 11cm. Above the shelf you can see the LED batten light I put up. This was angled down at 45 degrees to shine extra light on the worktop. Also note the exposed brickwork on the left… that will get sorted too…

workshop paint and worktop shelf

Next up, I remembered the big lop-sided shelf above the old garage door that I ripped out. I re-used the timbers, got some new heavy duty brackets, and made myself a new shelf to store a load of less-used-but-still-needed stuff. I used some left-over CLS and attached it to the wall with good length frame fixings. It’s very strong and the beams sit on there nicely and are held secure with the brackets…

workshop storage shelf brackets

I had enough 18mm plywood in the shed to make the shelf with. It’s a massive load of space up there that will come in very handy…

workshop storage shelf

I still had a load of tools to find places for, so I put up a load of Homebase’s Flexi Storage Single Slot Wall Strips on the stud wall. This storage system was perfect for my needs as the single-slot brackets have a little lip on the end of them preventing anything hanging on them from falling off (the double-slot ones don’t have this). I screwed the strips all along the wall directly into the studs, and the whole thing is flexible enough for me to put everything up there and rearrange it at any time just by moving the brackets around. I also fixed up and painted the door architrave and put some handy hooks on the back of the door…

workshop wall storage

Gah, what is it with ladders? We have 2 of them but no problemo 🙂

more workshop wall storage

And below is the so-called money shot. To finish off the workbench area, I did the following: –

  • Put another wall strip on the left to hold tape, scissors, and whatever else
  • Put up magnetic tool holders above the worktop shelf
  • Got rid of the LED batten and instead used the cable to power a Sonos speaker
  • Fit a much nicer bright white LED strip underneath the worktop shelf
  • To keep things tidy I bought a Raaco 44 drawer steel storage cabinet. Finally I have places for all the little things!
  • Rendered over the exposed brickwork and painted right up to the garage doors
  • You can’t see it here but I also painted the floor with some grey Ronseal Diamond Hard garage floor paint and put some skirting on
workshop workbench area

Sorry about the mess, but here’s a shot of the LED strip switched on. I used the same LED strip lighting system in the game room (which you’ll read about soon)…

workbench worktop LED strip light

And check this out… I’ve got enough space in here to lay a full-size arcade cab on it’s side and still have room to work on it! Result!

I also got a blackout blind, which serves mainly to stop folks looking in from the outside and seeing all my tools etc…

workshop blackout blind

What’s left? …Well, I think I might get a wall mounted movable arm/shelf for my laptop to sit on. I’m quite often looking at my phone to find out how to do things or to get inspiration, so that would come in quite handy having a bigger screen to refer to. I could mount it on the left hand side of the workench area, just above the magnetic tool holders.

Other than that, I’m pretty happy. It has enough room, makes really good use of all the space, and most importantly I know where everything is now!

On to the game room then… and the first job, which I’ve not been looking forward to in the slightest… is to sort the damp problem out.

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