Garage Conversion Part 8: Damp!

So after finishing the workshop, it now had to be crammed full of my arcade cabs and everything else, so I could get the gameroom sorted. First off I had the stud wall and ceiling plastered by my mate’s mate Pete, then it was time to sort the damp problem out. Ugh.

This is the back wall. You can see the penetrating damp coming in at the left corner, and to a lesser extent along the back wall. I arranged for a company in Dover called PTLS Enviro to come and do a survey and they confirmed the penetrating damp issues and offered their services to fix it. The guy who came was very cool actually, he had a couple of arcade cabs himself so we hit it off right away. The solution was remove the bottom 500mm of render back to brickwork on all 3 walls (yes, turns out there was quite a bit of damp, not just the obvious parts I could see). The render was cracking at the bottom of all 3 walls and sounded hollow when you tapped it…

damp on back wall

Remember that lovely boxing in I did back in Part 3? Well that all had to be taken off in order for them to fix the damp….

damp on right wall

And on the other wall the render was equally as in need of replacing. Those steps to the back door would also have to be removed so the wall behind them could be fixed. I’d have to get new ones built later…

damp on left wall

Off came the render back to brickwork. All 3 walls, to a height of 500mm from the floor…

render comes off

Then, before rerendering, two coats of “cementitious tanking material” was applied to the wall surface returning 100mm onto the floor slab to provide a watertight seal. Waterproof sand/cement was then used to reinstated the surface…

A couple of weeks later and the new surface render had all dried. First job was to re box-in those pipes and electric cables. I made sure I clipped those cables to the CLS battens before I screwed the plasterboard back on…

plasterboard boxing in came off

Et voilà! 🙂 Damp fixed, and boxing-in put back….

plasterboard boxing in back on

Well that felt like 3 weeks wasted, but I’m quite relieved it’s all done. Can’t be having damp in the gameroom with arcade cabs present, that’s not a good combo. In the next part, I paint the gameroom ceiling and put up some fancy RGBW LED lighting around the edges of the room.

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