Garage Conversion Part 9: RGBW LEDs

Finally on to some fun stuff! So the plan was to get some nice multi-coloured LED strip lighting to go around the edges of the room, lighting up the ceiling and giving it a cool arcade room feel. But firstly, I had a big waste pipe I needed to box in, as it was right in the way of where the LED tape was going to be mounted (photo from an earlier post)…

pipes to be boxed in

The LED strip lighting sytem I used was from InStyle LED. A chap called Luke helped me to choose the best stuff for my needs, which turned out to be: –

  • RGBW (Pure White) 20w 24v Commercial Grade LED Tape
  • RF Wireless Remote/Receiver 4 Channel x 5 amp
  • RF Wireless Wall Controller
  • Transformer InPower Range 250w 24v
  • Corner Extrusions (45 Degree)

The box I made covering those pipes served as a mounting point for the 90mm-tall 15mm wide skirting boards I used horizontally to hide the strip lights… yes you read correctly… skirting boards. I first painted the ceiling white, and then painted all around the top 30cm or so of the room. In the following photo you can see the wall mounted colour wheel controller and in the top box, the receiver and transformer for the LED strip lights (the colour wheel controller transmits to the receiver and the transformer gives the LEDs the required voltage)…

boxed in pipes

I continued around the other 3 walls putting up skirting boards to hide where the LED tape was going to go. Good job I had a stud-finder to help me find where I could screw the brackets in…

skirting on plastered wall

After painting the brackets white, and then installing the LED tape, I wired it up and gave it a try… it was awesome! 🙂

she's alive - red lighting

The LED tape is encased in InStyle LED’s “Corner Extrusions”. These diffuse the light and angle the LEDs at 45 degrees – i.e. up and towards the centre of the ceiling. These were very easy to fit and very nice quality…

mounting the extrusions

The picture doesn’t really do it justice, so I made a video…

It’s starting to feel like a game room now, but no time to rest! Time to sort the floor out – see you in Part 10!

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