OutRun Enhanced Roms Fitted

I knew that after finishing my US Upright OutRun restoration, one of the first things I’d want to do is install the enhanced roms. This has been created by a total legend Chris White of the Reassembler blog. Packaged as the OutRun: Enhanced Edition (OEE), it’s a set of 7 replacement EPROMs intended for use on original arcade hardware. It fixes many bugs in the game, and makes it more fun by adding a host of new features, including a working free play mode, extra high score saving, more music tracks, cheats and car handling modifications, new and old course layouts, and lap time records.

Fitting the EPROMs involves replacing various existing socketed ones, replacing a super capacitor, soldering a jumper lead and setting a dip-switch. Not too daunting, but I’m glad I have a spare working OutRun boardset to do this with!

I was just about to buy the EPROMs and something to write them when a friend and ukvaccer Chopper79 stepped in and offered to send me them pre-written. He had the spare EPROMs and the equipment needed to write them so that was a big help and money/time saver. A few days later they turned up, along with the super-capacitor I bought to replace the current one. The super-cap will ensure the high scores are saved for a lot longer (potentially months) than with the existing one (which in my case didn’t save the scores at all after the machine was turned off)….

enhanced roms arrived

All the modifications needed to be done to the top board. The EPROMs are the ones with the square labels on them. The bank of 4 on the bottom right would be replaced, along with one in the middle, and two right at the top. The cap I’m replacing is the green one in the top right…

outrun pcb before roms fitted

Soon it was all done. The little red jumper near the sound CPU rom towards the middle of the board was a right pain to solder as it was so small and fiddly. I clearly need more practice (and a new soldering iron), heh…

outrun pcb after roms fitted

Connecting the PCB to the cab again and switching on and w00t it works! Going into the Test menu and there’s another sub menu dedicated to the Enhanced Edition. I shall look forward to trying all these out…

extra settings in the test menu

I played the game through and entered my high score, switched off and back on and it has been retained, so the super-cap seems to be doing its job too. The free-play on the un-modified boardset is rubbish, it kinda just starts the game randomly and you have to wait until it’s finished before you can start another one, and there are no music previews on the screen where you select the track before starting the race. With the enhanced roms you can hear the music as you browse through the tracks, the game doesn’t start until you actually hit the start button, and there are 3 new tracks to choose from. I made a short video showing it…

Thanks to Chris White for the incredible work he’s done getting this finished. I’m looking forward to trying the new tunes out, but I don’t think they’re gonna be better than Magical Sound Shower. 🙂

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